Save Money With FCBT

Save Money With FCBT

As business travel experts, we are constantly searching for (and finding) ways to save you money on your business trips, whether that’s leveraging our relationships with certain airlines to reduce fares, or spotting a way to get you a room upgrade without the extra cost.

Being part of a global travel company, Flight Centre Business Travel (FCBT) has unique partnerships and agreements with airlines and hotels all over the world, meaning we often have access to fares and room rates that simply aren’t available to the general public.

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Anyone who’s ever booked business travel - especially trips for several employees, each with individual needs - knows that it’s a far more complex process than what one might first assume. By shifting this responsibility onto us, you free up massive amounts of time for yourself and your workers, which is better spent on things like sales calls, and other activities that will bring you hard revenue.


As well as dealing with the complex process of booking business travel, FCBT provides a huge security net in instances when things don’t go to plan. For example if your flight is cancelled for whatever reason, we’ll have you booked onto a new one within minutes, and it will be the best and most cost effective option. And it won’t cost you a cent extra.

We are open 24/7, 365 days a year to deal with emergencies, so you’re only ever a quick phone call away from getting that all important business trip back on track.


As mentioned above, if you use Flight Centre Business Travel, you are benefitting from the weight of a global corporation when it comes to supplier relationships and the like. We will also let you know when it’s possible to leverage such relationships and agreements to save your business money on trips booked with us - for example, removing the need to pay deposits up-front when hiring a rental car.


There is so much more to business travel than finding the best deals on flights and hotels. We will also guide you through more complicated things, like articulating a travel policy, which can be a gruelling and difficult task if you’re attempting it alone. We can share templates and advice garnered from our wealth of experience, to ensure you can get back to focusing on what matters most to you - the success of your business. If you hired an outside party to produce this kind of thing, it would cost you heavily. We throw it in as part of our general service.


We totally understand the desire to avoid getting locked into contracts, which demand minimum monthly spend and the like (not unheard of in the business travel world). This is why at FCBT, we never ask you to sign a contract. We are only as good as our last booking, so you are in total control when it comes to whether you continue to use us or not. 

We will never insist on a ‘one payment solution’; indeed, when it comes to payment, we offer several flexible options, including an interest-free credit account.

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Our Travel Managers are dedicated, experienced and knowledgeable. When you work with a Flight Centre Business Travel Manager you’re choosing peace of mind. Direct access to the same person, who gets your business – and its travel needs – inside and out.

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