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The world is opening up again!

It's a new world of travel, with different procedures to follow and new rules to know. Even if you're a business travel pro, there will be a lot to consider the next time you book a flight to ensure your trip is not only safe but runs as smoothly as possible. 
Staying informed is the best way to combat any travel angst you may have, allowing you to be prepared so you can concentrate on business, and have an understanding of the changes and nuances in different destinations right now. The news, rules and regulations are changing frequently, so we've gathered all the information to help you in preparing for your return to the skies! 

Amid the excitement of open borders, are you feeling a small measure of trepidation?

You’re probably weighing up the pros and cons, especially when it comes to COVID safety and the latest rules and regulations.    

Whether it's your first time travelling for business, or your a seasoned professional, with the changed landscape post-COVID we've all got a lot more to consider when undertaking a trip these days. 

We've rounded up all the information in our ultimate guide for business travellers, covering insider tips on everything from booking to health and wellbeing, safety, what to pack, business impacts and more, so you can have a productive trip and feel confident hitting the road again.

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Guide To Business Travel
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If you're planning on travelling then make sure you stay informed on what's happening, not only here but where you are travelling to.

We've created a global travel hub to keep our travellers informed with local information from different regions around the world. For the latest news on airlines, airports, hotels, ground transportation and global travel information visit our hub!

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First time flying since COVID19 and not sure what to expect? 

While travel as we know it has changed for the foreseeable future, the value of business travel and face-to-face meetings has not. Each week we are noticing an increasing appetite for business travel, so we have provided a back on track guide of what traveling for your next business trip will look like, with some suggestions on how to stay safe and healthy. Being prepared for all new changes will make any trip easier. 

Download our brief 1-pager for some suggestions on how to stay safe and healthy pre-flight, in-flight and post-flight.


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