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PCR Testing Made Easy


The Flight Centre Travel Group’s new partnership with Healius Limited means that pre-flight COVID-19 testing requirements just got a whole lot easier.

Healthcare providers under the Healius umbrella include QML, Laverty, Dorevitch, Western Diagnostic and Abbott, which means you’ll now have convenient access to a range of testing solutions and reporting services at Healius-linked laboratories across the country.
Through the arrangement, Flight Centre Business Travel customers can book and purchase their COVID test online via the Healius Pathology website. Healius then emails the customer a form that entitles the traveller to a COVID-19 test at their nearest location.
Once tested, Healius will provide you with a COVID-19 test certificate – as well as a formal vaccination certificate if required for international travel.
Flight Centre Travel Group Australia Managing Director James Kavanagh says the agreement is an exciting and positive development – and an important step in restoring traveller confidence.
“This innovative partnership with Healius is one of the many ways our business is assisting customers to get back to the skies safely,” said James. “It gives our customers peace of mind and confidence, knowing they can easily get the right tests and reports they need for their destination.
“Healius is one of Australia’s most respected pathology businesses and its top Travel Pathology Report provider. They are an excellent partner for us and our customers in what is an industry-leading arrangement.”

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