Why You Should Encourage Your Staff to Travel for Pleasure

Why you should encourage your staff to travel for pleasure

There’s no secret that encouraging staff to travel and work at the same time is beneficial for your business. But have you ever considered that encouraging your staff to travel for leisure is equally good for your bottom line? 

Between switching off, changing mindsets and gathering new wisdom and experiences, there are so many reasons to encourage your staff to take their annual leave and go on holiday. 

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To relax and de-stress

Stress is one of the biggest contributors to staff unhappiness in Australia. Encouraging travel and holidays designed to rest and reset is an investment in the long term mental health of  your business.

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To have new experiences and broaden horizons

Travelling is one of the quickest ways to learn and grow by taking you out of your everyday contexts. New faces, new food, different landscapes; there’s so much to experience that it will be impossible to come back unchanged and refreshed.

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To gain new perspective 

Thanks to all those new experiences, you’ll come back to your work with fresh eyes which will make for a better approach to work situations.

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Confidence and leadership

Travelling – either solo, with family or in a group – builds confidence and leadership skills many of which are transferable to the work environment.

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To think 

It’s amazing what having the time and brain-space – free of meetings, deadlines and questions – to allow thinking and brainstorming can do for productivity. Google famously encourages their staff to spend 20% of their time on ‘side projects’ based on this theory and the results speak for themselves – Gmail and Google Maps are both the result of this policy.

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New challenges and problem solving

Having to solve challenges and situations on the go while on holidays and leisure travel will give staff the empowerment to come back to work and feel confident in any situation.

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