Why You Should Go On A Digital Detox This Year

Why You Should GO ON A Digital Detox THIS YEAR

They’re two small words that can send shivers up the spine of the hyper-connected business traveller: digital detox.

Before you say, “What’s the point?”, hear us out.

Not only is constant digital connection detrimental to both our mental health and physical wellbeing but the research on its effects1 is also beginning to stack up. In fact, exposure to screens is actually changing the structure and function of our brains2 – and not in a good way.

It’s seen the rise in popularity of what’s known as digital detox retreats. Resorts, retreats and hotels offering experiences specifically designed to help guests switch off and reset. And travellers from all walks of life are choosing to unplug and unwind in the name of switching off.


man looking at phone screen at night

Why go on a digital detox?

44% percent of Australians consider their phone use a problem, according to Deloitte’s annual Mobile Consumer Survey Report 20193. And phones are just one aspect of our digital exposure in a modern life rich with technology and devices.

The list of the negative effects4 of too much technology includes weight gain, depression, increased stress and anxiety and a more sedentary lifestyle. Giving your brain some space to think, reflect and switch off will help with mental health, sleep and motivation.

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How to do it

Digital detoxing doesn’t always mean a completely off-grid approach. From adapting how you use your smartphone to limiting your time online and minimising watching TV shows and movies, the first step is to recognise how often you are digitally connected. 

Then, look at how you can scale back use – particularly in social situations where you could be interacting with people in real life.  

Set your rules and be clear with family, friends and colleagues/clients to let them know you won’t be responsive during certain times.  


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How long for? 

There’s no need to disconnect for huge amounts of time. Even if you just set aside a short time each day to be phone, tech or screen free, there will be benefits for your mental health and general wellbeing. If you can’t be completely free of your work phone or email, why not allocate specific times of day when you are ‘online’? Or choose not to look at your phone first thing in the morning and before you sleep. If you’re keen to try a longer detox but worried about how you’ll deal with it, you can trial a shorter period first and increase incrementally.


treebones yurts in big sur

Digital detox retreats to try

There’s no shortage of ways to escape the digital rat race. But if willpower is low and you need complete disconnection to ensure no mindless scrolling or checking emails, check into one of these digital detox retreats to properly unplug. Or ask your Travel Manager to find you something!

  • Stay in a yurt without mobile reception or WiFi at Treebones Resort, Big Sur in California.
  • Go west to Exmouth in Western Australia and check into Sal Salis, an eco-luxury camp at Ningaloo Reef big with no phone or internet connection.
  • Make your way to Villa Stephanie in the German spa town of Baden-Baden. The mansion, built for digital detoxes, is set in the Brenners-Park Hotel & Spa and features a special disconnection button, which switches off all Wi-Fi and electronics.
  • Soak up nothing but island vibes at The Hideout on Koh Yao. The Digital Detox and Mindfulness Package will help you switch off with plenty of inclusions like meals, yoga, meditation and massage.

Looking for more ways to reset? Check out these retreats for the ultimate reset.

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