Where To Meet For Coffee In Perth

Where To Meet For Coffee In Perth

Perth Coffee

For a while now, Perth has been brewing a steadily growing coffee culture now very much brimming throughout the city.

While it may not have the laneways of Melbourne, Perth has just as many unique, cool and comfortable places to have your morning business cuppa or your weekend wake-up call.

Here are some top cafes for a meeting or a temporary work spot.

Grouch & Co

Unit 1/45 McCoy St, Myaree

A good coffee shop will provide you a mean cup of joe but a great coffee shop will show you how it’s done. Grouch & Co, nestled in the southern Perth suburb of Myaree, gives off a quintessentially vintage vibe with the most modern object being the coffee machines they use. What separates Grouch & Co from the rest is the fact they roast most of their own beans in house and on public display.

Standing Room Only

Picadilly Arcade, 7/700 Hay St, Perth

What this place is all about is in the name. Located in the central CBD Picadilly Arcade, there is no seating in this retro-inspired boutique coffee stop and all they do is coffee, but boy do they do it well. If you’re a fan of cold drip or batch brew then this is the stop for you.

Toastface Grillah

Grand Lane, Corner of Wellington St & Barrack St, Perth

Easily the pick-me up kings of Perth, Toastface Grillah’s relaxed open deck area means can lounge about - even in your suit. The selection of toasted cheese sandwiches is designed to partner with specific types of coffee but you can mix and match as you see fit.

La Veen

90 King St, Perth

Heritage architecture forms the crux of what makes this establishment such a great place to either get a coffee or a formal sit-down discussion over breakfast. The brick-and-mortar design is reflected in their food with simple, constructed dishes which taste as rustic as they look. Add the fact its location on Perth’s equivalent of the Champs-Elysees and this makes it definitely a place to be seen.

Perth Coffee

The Attic

16 Bannister St, Fremantle

The well-earned moniker of being Western Australia’s answer to Melbourne, Fremantle has easily become the hipster capital of Perth and nowhere is it more on display then The Attic. As the name suggests, this upstairs rustic venue is rated as coffee-aggregator Bean Hunter’s number one rated coffee in all of Fremantle.


16a Cloisters Arcade, 865 Hay St, Perth

If you base your food and beverage decisions on the theory of “if it’s popular, it’s good,” then this is the place for you. Since opening in 2010, this CBD coffee branch has maintained a high standard despite the huge influx of people who pour through the doors every day.

Antz Inya Pantz / Antz 965

965 Albany Hwy, Victoria Park

Easily one of Perth’s best cups of coffee and located in a prime location on the corner of the busy Albany Highway strip of Vic Park, Antz is a local institution. Make sure to bring your KeepCup or ensure you have the time for a sit-down coffee as this eco-friendly cafe does not do takeaway cups. 

The Lane Cafe

Maley St, Rottnest Island

Going to Rottnest is a day-trip for most so you want to make your time there as memorable as possible. Not only does The Lane Cafe provide a quality coffee, staff remember you by name and any specialty needs should you come back another day. Oh, and quokkas like it here too, so that’s a bonus.


60 Fraser Ave, West Perth

Coffee: decent, food: great – but that’s not the reason you come here.

If it’s your first time to Perth, you probably have a visit to King’s Park on your bucket list. This upmarket venue is based right in the central point of King’s Park with views directly outwards onto the Anzac Memorial overlooking the Swan River, South Perth, Elizabeth Quay and the CBD.

Cottage Tea Rooms

8560 W Swan Rd, Henley Brook

When you want to get away and just enjoy a quaint morning then the Swan Valley is the place to be. The pick of the bunch for coffee, breakfast and lunch has to be Cottage Tea Rooms, which rivals the best high tea joints in the UK. Try and get here early to nab the centre gazebo. 

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