Work travel goals and how to achieve them

Work travel goals and how to achieve them

As we settle into the New Year and start getting back to business, our attention quickly turns to goals and resolutions. If you travel for work, you might have some ideas about how you want to change things for the better.

Martin Bovingdon, Flight Centre Business Travel’s State Sales Manager for Western Australia and South Australia, filled us in on some common work travel goals and how business travellers can achieve them with the help of their travel manager.

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Reduce time spent on planning travel

Even if you have a travel manager to help you with your work travel bookings, planning a work trip can seem like it takes up a lot of your time.

"What I see a bit is that planning a work trip is left until out of office hours because the workday is full of meetings and priority tasks. You get to the evening, and you still need to make a change to your booking or book your trip for next week. This is going to extend your working day, and it takes away from your ability to focus on your core business,” says Martin.

But in our increasingly more connected world, where people can do work on the go, options make it easy for you to stay on top of your travel to-do list and spend less time on it overall.

“With email, you’re always connected to your travel manager. You can send an email mid-flight using WiFi onboard to request your return flight be pushed back, or you can be on a remote worksite without a phone or data signal and send an email that will go through once you're back in service. You can essentially action your request straight away from your end, and it'll get taken care of for you," says Martin.

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Spend more quality time at home

Travelling for work is often unavoidable. You might go away every week or take monthly trips; they might be for a night, over a weekend or have you on the road for weeks at a time. Travelling for work can take a toll on you, but you can strike a balance between travelling for work and being home to enjoy quality personal and family time.

If you’re looking for ways to balance your work travel with your personal life, you might need to think outside the box, says Martin: “It’s not about travelling less, because that is sometimes unavoidable; it’s about being more creative in the travel you are doing and using your time wisely.”

“For example, we had a businessman who was looking to book flights from Perth to Brisbane and back, then over to Auckland, for work commitments. He would have been in Perth for 24hours in between; it’s nice to get back to family, but this has an impact on his overall time on the road and the costs of his travel,” says Martin.

The travel manager, in this case, was able to use their greater visibility over timeframes and options to present a more direct alternative that saved on time and money, got the travelling businessman to his destinations and back home with his family sooner.

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See more of your destination

If you’re heading away for work, chances are you’ll see the insides of planes, cars, hotels and meeting rooms, and maybe a restaurant or two if you’re entertaining clients. In other words, business travellers don’t always get to see much of their destination on their terms.

So, if your goal is to see more of your travel destination while you’re there, you might like to add some bleisure to your work trip.

"We're seeing more leisure bookings come through with business travel bookings. We had a company who flew their directors to the UK for a global meeting, and we made the bookings for the managing director's family to join him after the business was done for a holiday in Scotland,” says Martin.

If you need any more incentive, you can access discounts on your personal travel when booked with your work trip through your business travel manager, says Martin: “Whatever corporate travel discounts we are able to get, we can pass them on to the employee when booking their leisure travel as well.”

And if your company needs convincing, Martin has this tip: “If the travel booking is being run through the company, it will help to build up loyalty program business rewards, leading to greater benefits for the company, quicker.”

Happy travels

“At the end of the day, if you’re reducing the amount of time spent on work and finding a better work-life balance because of it, then it’s going to make for a happier life,” says Martin.

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