Top Business Travel Destinations For 2020

Top Business Travel Destinations For 2020

Every year, travel companies release lists of the top destinations to travel to for the upcoming year. 

As with leisure travel, top business travel destinations are determined by a number of factors like flight volume, accommodation, transfer time, facilities and leisure activities. 

Other factors important for businesses booking travel include investment opportunities, business infrastructure, convention centre size and public transport access, among others.

But there’s more to business travel than just travel. A city’s amenities for after-hours fun, sightseeing opportunities and entertainment are important too.

London city

Using CEOWORLD magazine’s annual top 100 business travel destination list – which pegs London as the number one business destination for 2020 – as inspiration we asked our experts to weigh in.

Here, Josh Grocke, FCBT’s Head of Account management gives us the low down on his tips for the next year.

Whether you’re an emerging or small to medium enterprise, read on to discover where you should book your business travel in 2020.


Shenzen aerial view

Where are your top five business travel destinations for 2020?

“Berlin, London, Tokyo, Beijing and Auckland with a few honourable mentions for Sao Paulo, Austin, Texas and Shenzen,” says Josh.

What makes them so great for business travel? 

“Volume and selection of airlines and services going into these destinations means less time in the air and more time on the ground doing business.

“There’s also an amazing array of hotel and meeting spaces with burgeoning start up scenes as well as long term business players makes these destinations great for all manner of business be it small, enormous and everything in between,” he says.

Bali temple

Where are your favourite leisure holiday destinations?

“Canada, France, Palm Cove, Bali and Vietnam.

CEOWORLD’s Top 100 List

To create their annual list, CEOWORLD Magazine started their research by surveying almost 120,000 business travellers to find their favourite cities. Then, they ranked the 190 most populated cities in the world against proportionally weighted metrics such as investment opportunities, business infrastructure and workforce availability.

Other metrics included: access to business hotels and resorts, public transportation access, convention center size plus dining and entertainment establishments.

Top 20 Business Destinations for 2020

  1. London
  2. New York
  3. Hong Kong
  4. Singapore
  5. Toronto
  6. Frankfurt
  7. Dubai
  8. Taipei
  9. Brussels
  10. Tokyo
  11. Chicago
  12. New Delhi
  13. Beijing
  14. Sydney
  15. Los Angeles
  16. Vancouver
  17. Paris
  18. Copenhagen
  19. Berlin
  20. Miami

View CEOWORLD's full list here.

The above list doesn't necessarily need to be solely for business either. It is thought 60% of business trips have an element of leisure included in them (also known now as 'bleisure' travel). So next time you're travelling for work, consider adding in some personal down time as well.

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