Should Your Business Use A TMC?

Should your business use a TMC?

You might think your business is too small to work with a travel management company (TMC) or too large to work with one that’s built on personal service. Or perhaps you think you don’t spend enough on work travel, or you’re not in an industry that outsources their corporate travel needs.

Well, we spoke with Cameron Harris, Flight Centre Business Travel's national brand leader, about the companies who use FCBT, and you might be surprised to find out how big – and small – they are.

So, if you can relate to any of the above scenarios, read on for questions to ask to determine whether your business is a suitable candidate to work with a travel manager.

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How big is your business?

Are you a sole trader operating from a home office? Or does your company manage 250 employees across the country and the world? Perhaps you’re somewhere in between. 

The truth is, it doesn’t matter how big your company is; if travel is part of your business needs, then you’ll benefit from working closely with a travel manager.

We work with emerging businesses through to medium-sized multi-national companies with offices around the globe. The great thing about our model and connection with the Flight Centre network is that we’re agile; we’re able to offer local service with global company scale,” says Cameron.

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What does travel mean to your business?

Does travelling for work open doors to business growth? Or is jetting around the country about cementing relationships? Or are you keeping market share? The reasons you travel may differ to other companies, but the key is knowing what travel means to you.

“Every business is unique. You need to know what’s important to you and what opportunities business travel brings. Then, we can work with you to help open those doors and cement those relationships by bringing expertise to your travel program,” says Cameron.

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How much do you spend on business travel?

Just like the number of staff you have, your business travel spend will likely fall within a broad range, from a few thousand dollars a year spent flying between the major capitals, to half-a-million in transporting your workforce between regional or international locations.

But even if your travel budget is on the smaller end of the scale, it doesn’t mean you can’t grow with a TMC, says Cameron: “A company we work with might have spent $5,000 on travel in their first year in business and $500,000 five years later; we grow and scale with them.” 

But it’s not just the cost of each trip that you need to consider.

“We look holistically at a company’s whole travel program and consider all expenses relating to travel. There’s no point booking a cheap hotel on the outskirts of town if you then have to spend more on taxis to get to your meeting,” says Cameron.

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How much value do you place on travel?

How much value you place on your business travel is different from your travel budget. By value, we mean how much of a priority is your travel program: do you see travel as an investment in your company or an expanding line on your P&L?

“We know that if a company wants to grow by say 10%, they need to align a certain percentage of their travel budget to achieve this. A lot depends on where they are on their business journey and what they’re looking to achieve. We can add value to your travel program so you can see the returns in your business,” says Cameron.

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Does your industry use TMCs?

The answer is most likely ‘yes’. Travel managers work across many sectors, from consulting, manufacturing and healthcare to construction, technology and mining. The speciality comes when you work with a travel manager who manages your industry portfolio.

"Mining companies transporting their staff to remote locations have different needs to consultants travelling between capital cities; travel managers tend to work with portfolios of companies that match their experience and skillset with their specific needs," says Cameron.

So, are you suitable for a TMC?

You may have realised that it doesn’t matter your size, budget or industry; travel managers can work with you. What’s important is that you know the value of corporate travel and how it fits into your business plan. So, if your business is ready to work with a travel manager, contact us today.

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