Travelling staff? Protect your investment

Travelling staff? Protect your investment

People are a company’s biggest asset, so it’s fair to consider that staff are an investment when they’re travelling on behalf of your business to meet with clients or attend events.

It makes sense then to protect that investment with a business travel insurance policy that protects your travelling staff when things happen that impact them personally.

We spoke with Rene Petrie from Flight Centre Business Travel’s Albert Street, Brisbane City, office to find out what inclusions to look out for in a policy and how they’ll help protect your staff when they travel for work.

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Protect against identity theft

There’s no avoiding staff taking personal documents when they travel, including passports, debit, credit and other bank cards, and even important and confidential work documents. But there is always the risk that they can be skimmed, copied or stolen and used fraudulently.

“A claim for identity theft cover will provide money to help replace important documents, restore accounts and credit ratings, and recoup any funds that were stolen from credit cards,” says Rene.

The policy may also cover identity theft activities for up to 12 months after the travel date, so if an employee’s identity was copied but not used straight away, there is protection for if and when it does affect them.

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Provide first-world medical treatment

Medical and dental cover is a pretty standard inclusion in a good travel policy, but it’s the cover that provides first-world medical service that will really look after your staff.

“When your policy guarantees first-world medical treatment, it means that if your staff have an accident in a country that isn’t able to provide medical support like they would receive in Australia, they’ll be medevac’d to the closest country that will,” says Rene.

First-world medical treatment is one of those inclusions that you don’t really think about until the worst happens, and it comes into play. But if the situation isn’t that serious, being able to get advice over the phone from an Australian-based GP via a 24hour medical assistance line will be invaluable if sickness or minor injury occurs.

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Cover for loss of income

If your staff are injured or become seriously ill while they’re travelling, they might need time off work to recover. This may cost you money and your staff a lot of stress. But making sure your business travel insurance policy covers for loss of income can help save you both.

“When staff are travelling for work, businesses are often thinking about what the trip is worth and their return on investment, not a loss. But when it’s needed, having cover for loss of income can mean a world of difference to an employee who needs it, and to a business’ bottom line,” says Rene.

With loss of income protection, a staff member may get a stable, ongoing income to give them enough of a financial buffer to cover their costs and focus on their health. Because of this, it can also help a business by taking this financial load off their hands.

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Protection for personal liability

Just as it’s serious if something happens to your staff while they’re travelling, so is them being responsible for causing injury or damage to someone or something else while working away. And the costs to your staff member can be significant.

“Personal liability cover is so important to protect your staff if they injure someone else or other property while they’re working away. It could be something like a car accident or accidental damage that is legally their fault,” says Rene.

Look for a business travel insurance policy that includes personal liability for your travelling staff to make sure they’re covered if things go horribly wrong.

Protect your staff with insurance

Just as no two businesses or travel programs are the same, no two corporate travel insurance policies are the same. There are even different levels of cover within a policy, so talk to your travel manager to find the right cover to protect your travelling staff.

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