How Travel Helped This Aussie Business Grow

How travel helped this Aussie business grow

People Infrastructure Ltd (PPE) has seen the kind of home-grown success that many companies dream of. Established in 1996, the business has grown to over 300 internal staff and 19 offices across Australia, New Zealand and Singapore.

Now the largest ASX-listed workforce management and staffing company in Australia and New Zealand, we spoke with PPE’s Director, Tom Reardon, to find out about the company’s organic growth, focus on their people, and their understanding of the value of travel.

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A focus on organic growth

PPE provides contract staffing and human resources outsourcing services to a range of key industries, including community services, childcare, healthcare, nursing, IT, blue collar and hospitality, through over 30,000 on-hire staff per annum.

“PPE is all about working with individuals to help them achieve their career goals, as well as helping businesses manage their human capital,” says Tom.

The business’s substantial growth has been attributed to their focus on organic growth and business acquisitions to diversify the company specialisations and grow the customer base.

“The strong organic growth of PPE is supported by leading customer service, a strong sales focus and attractive industry fundamentals in the various sectors in which we operate,” says Tom.

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Investing in the business and its staff

PPE’s listing on the ASX in November 2017 not only opened doors in terms of capital for growth, but it was also an opportunity to invest in their staff.

“Listing the business increased opportunities by freeing up capital for further growth and diversification as well as ensuring management and staff had a vested interest in the business as shareholders,” says Tom.

With shareholders who were keen for staff to have ownership in the company, long-term personal financial opportunities were created for PPE’s people by recognising the hard work they contribute to the business.

“From the front desk to our people in the field, teamwork, culture and leadership is what got us here and enables PPE to keep growing the business. At listing, all employees were offered shares to reward them for their commitment, dedication and contribution to our success. On the date of listing, the share price was $1, and with exponential growth, 26 months later the share price has increased to over $3.50. This outstanding result is a credit to our employees,” says Tom.

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Travel is a business necessity

With over 300 employees as well as managing multiple client travel management requirements, PPE has staff travelling daily at all levels of the business, with the majority of travel undertaken by senior and middle management.

“Travel is critical for all of our entities. With our head office based in Brisbane and with offices around Australia, New Zealand and Singapore, it’s essential for staff to come together in a central location for quarterly executive meetings at a minimum, and for regional managers to travel intrastate when needed,” says Tom.

Most of the company’s travel occurs between capital cities and into regional areas where their branches, clients and candidates are located, and the flexibility of working with a travel management provider throughout their growth has made a world of difference, says Tom: “Flight Centre Business Travel’s coordination of this travel has been imperative for us to run the business smoothly.”

Growing with PPE

PPE credits their longstanding relationship with Flight Centre Business Travel and their key account manager, Malcolm Mitchell, for making travel easy, whether it’s an overnight stay in a hotel or flights and accommodation for over 100 staff.

“Flight Centre Business Travel has supported our development by growing with us as we increase our geographic spread and business specialties. They’re commercially savvy and always have our business’s best interests at heart,” says Tom.

Malcolm has also worked with PPE to negotiate contracts with large airlines, creating cost savings and supporting continued growth.

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Rewarding staff through travel

The value of travel is not limited to business, with PPE demonstrating their commitment to their staff by supporting, rewarding and meeting the challenges of work-life balance through promoting travel for leisure.

PPE’s unique incentives program includes recognising service milestones of five, 10, 15 and 20 years with Flight Centre travel vouchers; a monthly staff reward program with a $1,000 Flight Centre voucher among prizes; and annual leadership day and awards night where staff are flown to a central location for the event.

“These travel-focused initiatives form an essential part of our Employment Value Proposition and support PPE in the attraction and retention of top talent,” says Tom.

Embrace business travel

PPE is a prime example of an Australian company that has embraced travel as part of their growth and success. Find out how your own dedicated travel manager from Flight Centre Business Travel can help you.

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