Get behind the wheel of your ground transport

Get behind the wheel of your ground transport

When we think of travelling for work, it’s often assumed that taxis – and more increasingly, rideshare services – are the best mode of transport for getting around on the ground. But not only is there still a demand for corporate car hire; it can actually be a better option in some situations.

Michelle de Vine, Assistant Team Leader at Flight Centre Business Travel, works with several businesses who use car hire as an essential part of their travel program. Here, Michelle gives an insight into the type of business travellers that use hire car services such as our SmarDrive partners, Hertz, and the benefits they get from being in control of their ground transport.

Ground Transport

Who uses car hire on work-related trips?

Despite all the options for getting around these days, there are a number of businesses who will use hire cars when working in different cities, says Michelle: “As least 50% of my customers book car hire with every single trip.”

The use of a hire car may come down to preference or be driven by the type of work being carried out while on the road, says Michelle: "It does depend on what the business does and what their needs are."

“For example, I have a client who does construction work, including whole shop fit-outs, so they take construction tools and equipment with them to work in other cities. A hire car enables them to store their tools securely and transport them around as needed,” says Michelle.

“Another client travels mostly to rural areas where taxis either aren’t available or reliable, so hiring a car is an ideal solution for them.”

In these and other cases, car hire is simply a matter of stepping off the plane and picking up their car at the airport, then dropping it back before boarding their plane home.

Ground Transport

When is car hire a better option for your business travel?

Of course, if you’re planning a day trip to another city for a meeting, then booking a ride with Get Picked Up or jumping in a taxi is a no-brainer. But if you’re staying put for a few days, car hire might be a good option for you to get around to various meetings.

"Typically, if there's a longer stay, for example, three nights in Sydney or Melbourne, then car hire can be a great option. And if parking in these cities is a road-block to you using a hire car, we can look at hotel options that include parking and wrap it all up in your booking,” says Michelle.

Generally speaking, a business will know if they need to hire a car for a work trip, but it's also helpful to talk through your trip with your travel manager so they can identify if it's a worthwhile option for you.

Ground Transport

Benefits of car hire when travelling for business

There are obvious benefits to having control of your ground transport when you're travelling for work, beyond the convenience of transporting your tools or getting between rural towns.

"Having your own car is more reliable than depending on taxis, plus it saves you the waiting time. And hire cars come with a GPS, so it's easy to find your way around," says Michelle.

Booking a hire car is a streamlined process which can be incorporated into your travel booking and itinerary, so you don't have to keep taxi receipts to claim at the end of your trip.

"We make bookings so that an invoice is generated for the customer when they drop their car back in, so it's streamlined and they don't have to worry about payments and reimbursements," says Michelle.

Drive away with better value on your car hire

You can make hitting the road stress-free by booking car hire through one of our dedicated Travel Managers. Not only will you get competitive rates, but our SmartDRIVE program provides bonus offers, like a discount of 5% on Best Rate of Day, 50% discount on accidental damage excess and double Velocity Frequent Flyer points, all when booking with Hertz.

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