5 Tips For Effective Goal Setting

5 Tips For Effective Goal Setting 

Maybe you already run a successful business and need a bit of a refresh, perhaps you’re taking the first steps of your entrepreneurial journey or you’ve been operating with wishy washy goals that don’t help with your day-to-day. 

Whatever business looks like for you, goal setting is an important part of success and the key building block to setting your business up right. 

These five tips are just the tip of the iceberg for successful goal setting but they’re likely to be the jolt you need to kick business goals every day.

image of man using post it notes for goal setting

Define them

There’s no use goal setting and planning if you can’t define where you want to be in the first place. Goal definition is all about getting out of your own head to help others understand where the business is going.

Man and woman reviewing computer screen for goal setting

Set goals that motivate you   

Personal buy-in is an important part of achieving your goals. Working towards something that makes you feel good and you believe in will be panacea to motivating you to keep up with the grind.

Team of people in boardroom goal setting

Make them S.M.A.R.T.

Start how you mean to finish… SMART is both an approach for business and an acronym for the steps in this goal setting technique.

  • Specific: There’s nothing worse than working towards a goal only to realise you don’t actually have a target. Cut this problem off at the pass by setting an attainable goal in the planning stage.
  • Measurable: You won’t know how far you’ve come or if you’ve even reached your destination if you don’t set the parameters from the get-go.
  • Attainable: Shoot for the stars but don’t forget that you’ll need to get there somehow. Have an idea of how you’ll achieve a goal will help you understand how to attain it.   
  • Realistic: Take into account the context that the goals are being executed in. Is the timeline realistic? What’s your workload like? How much will your business travel impact achieving the goal?  
  • Time: Don’t forget to attach a timeframe to ticking your goal off. Not only is a deadline one of the best defences against the perils of procrastination, it also gives your goal the context it needs.
Woman looking at a wall of post it notes - goal setting

Write them down

There’s something about the action of writing things down that makes them feel more concrete and attainable. Part of being accountable to yourself – and others – this one makes for very intentional goal achievement. Watch your language here, too. ‘I will’ is much more powerful than I might, contributing to a mindset that’s much more resolute meaning there’s less room for you to wriggle out of getting it done. 

birds eye view of a man pointing at charts next to a computer

Make an action plan and stick with it

Goal setting is a constant journey with an inbuilt feedback loop. Don’t forget to plan the steps to achievement and then stick to it. It’s fine to get off track every now and then – that’s where your action plan will come in to make sure you don’t stray too far.

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