7 Things We Learned From Our People

Alex Quilliam-Kennedy

Pictured: Alex Quilliam-Kennedy

Our people are the most important part of our business. We’re focused on supporting them through this challenging time, however with most of our team members now working remotely it’s more difficult to check in on their mental health when we’re not seeing them face-to-face every day.

Everybody reacts differently to stress, there's no right or wrong way to deal with this “unprecedented” situation, and knowing that everyone else is going through the same thing can be comforting to many.

We asked our people to share with us, and with each other, their experiences in working from home. We’re sure many of you will relate to the trends we uncovered.

Here’s 7 things we learned about our people and their WFH habits
Peta Webber
It only took a global pandemic to achieve the elusive goal of work/life balance

With average daily commutes shaved down to the time it takes to put on pants, many of us have a lot more time in our days to spend with our families, doing household chores and things for ourselves.

A word of warning though, while Peta Webber (pictured left with "Alfred") recommends trying to leave work at "Work", as Rene Petrie has found it can be “difficult to switch off at the end of the day”.

Kellie Grace
Mum was right: don’t hit ‘snooze’ and make your bed every day!

When asked about the secret to a productive WFH day, the consensus was 100% structure and routine.

Stephen Smith sums it up by saying “have your day structured to set yourself up correctly. If you break your day down then it will fly by and you will feel like you had a productive day”.



It’s a constant battle between temptation and will power

Routine is a powerful strategy for staying productive, but with no boss looking over our shoulders regularly, it’s up to us to hold ourselves accountable.  Kellie Grace  says her biggest WFH fail is ‘working so close to the fridge - who can say no to all day snacks?”


For those struggling with temptation, a good suggestion from Kathryn Quaratino is to “exercise outside before work to get that Vitamin D”


Kellie Grace, pictured right, demonstrating her 3 meter snack buffer.

Alex Quilliam-Kennedy coffee
Coffee is considered an ‘essential worker’

In addition to routine, we revealed caffeine addictions are keeping us all on task.  Aside from keeping energy levels up, it provides an excuse to get up from our desk and helps keep that ‘work-mode’ routine. FCBT Brand Leader - Cameron Harris - reveals he “gets out for an early morning family walk to get coffee to kick off the day”.

Pro tips: Alex Quilliam-Kennedy recommends buying your own espresso machine and coffee grinder for the coffee snobs among us, while Carmen Nunn highlights that “saving on those $5 takeaway coffees each day is a winner too!”


Pictured left: Alex Quilliam-Kennedy

Catherine Tschaepe
Fashion choices are irrelevant (as long as we’re wearing pants)

Deciding what to wear (or not) proves to be a much bigger challenge when working from home. If we’re not out in public, theoretically we can wear what we want without judgement...if only it weren’t for Zoom calls.

One top tip according to Catherine Tschaepe (pictured right with her pup, "Zoe") is "remembering to get out of sleep attire and to actually put pants on"

Andrew Hinton and family
They may take away our (social) lives, but they will never take our ‘Happy Hour’

Even through lock-down, our people have been coming together to unwind each week.  We all need a way to decompress in these times of heightened stress and anxiety. Sharing some laughs, and a cheeky drink or two over zoom is a great way to do that right now.

In Cairns, Andrew Hinton says his team still holds 'Friday Night Drinks’ and “encourages team members to show us their homes, meet their families. We usually have 1 or 2 kids pop into our zoom meetings to say hello.”


Left: Andrew Hinton and family

Erin Hawkins

Know your best angle!

Fact: everyone is using video conferencing to stay in touch while in lock down, and our people are no different. It’s human nature to be self-conscious about being on video.

Elevating our mobile or laptop doesn’t just hide our double chin - Erin Hawkins also uses height to hide her “nanna blanket” to avoid the (good-natured) ribbing from her team. 




Erin is pictured  right with said 'nanna-blanket'.

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