6 New Life Skills You Can Learn From Home

The silver lining to lockdown life is plenty of time to learn something new - and it doesn’t just have to be about improving your employment qualifications.

With a host of online platforms offering classes in just about everything, it's never been more convenient to pick up some additional life skills to impress your family & friends, give you that feel-good sense of accomplishment or to simply pass the time in lockdown.

Here are 6 things you can learn at home that you might be missing from your pre-COVID world.
 Ryan Spaccavento

1. Become Your Own Barista

Missing cafe culture and your artisanal coffee? If instant coffee isn't quite hitting the spot you can learn to make great coffee at home.

Ryan Spaccavento, founder and CEO of Melbourne-based Coffee On Cue, has been sharing how-to videos on his LinkedIn page - check out it here.


2. Learn A Language

Prepare for your next big adventure once our borders open up by learning a new language. Better yet, have the whole family learn - if you’re all conversing in Italian, it will be almost like you’re on holiday in Rome, right?! 

There are plenty of free apps, like Duolingoto help you on your way.  Check out 5 ways to get started here.


3. Unleash Your Creativity

MOMA (the Museum of Modern Art in New York) offers several free courses in modern art and fashion design.

Brush up on your artistic knowledge and then enjoy a virtual museum tour online. Or you can take it a step further and create your very own masterpiece to fill the blank wall at home that you’ve been staring at during lock down.


4. Become A Poker Champion

How good is your bluff? Up the ante on your card skills with a 1 hour tutorial with a world champion.

Online learning platform Masterclass features classes with ‘the world’s greatest’ in a load of desirable skill fields. With a bit of practice on your housemates or partner, and you’ll be ready to hustle when restrictions see the casinos open (or at least allow for enough visitors to hold your own poker night!)


5. Put A New Lens On Your Life

Up your social media game by discovering the secrets Influencers use to get professional looking photos using nothing but your smartphone. You may not be in the Caribbean, but with the right framing and filter, who would know? 

Online learning marketplace Udemy offer a host of options for online courses in smartphone photography (and everything else under the sun) for under $20 with a 30 day money back guarantee.


6. Sharpen Your Cooking Skills

For foodies missing their gastronomic experiences, why not create you're own dishes at home? Get adventurous and try your hand at preparing your favorite meal to treat your family.

Michelin-starred chef Massimo Bottura hosts free culinary classes on his Instagram channel. Follow him here for some inspiration, and instruction from an expert!

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