5 Ways To Improve Your Health Today

The uncertainty of COVID19 is certainly playing havoc with our lives, so it's no surprise that more of us than ever are experiencing increased stress and anxiety levels. 

With studies showing strong links between our mental and physical health, a great start to keeping our state of mind in check is to make sure our bodies are getting what they need. While we can't control when we'll be able to get back to our 'normal' lives, we can choose to spend some of our time in lockdown looking after ourselves and improving our health. 

Here are 5 simple ways you can help build a strong immune system, reduce stress and anxiety and help improve your overall wellbeing.

fresh air



Step outside and breathe fresh air. This might be while you exercise, during a mindful walk or just sit still and breathe.

While there are many health benefits, fresh air simply makes you happier.




Are you well hydrated? Aim for a minimum 8 glasses of water per day for optimal health, as all major organs and body functions will thrive when hydrated.

Keep a water bottle  within arms reach at all times during your day.


Ensure you have a well balanced diet that consists of lots of fruit and vegetables.

Eat a rainbow of colour to fuel your body with a range of vitamins and minerals to support optimal health.





Are you getting 7-9 hours of sleep per night and is it quality sleep?

Try the Headspace or Calm app to help with breathing techniques or guided meditation to help still the mind before bed.





Feeling overwhelmed? Use the power of your breath to help regulate your heart rate, reduce stress and anxiety and enhance concentration and balance.

Take the break you need for as little as 5-10mins and just breathe.

Information in this article has kindly been supplied by Healthwise, Flight Centre Travel Group's in-house health and wellbeing service for employees.

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