5 Ways To Avoid Christmas Season Burnout

5 Ways To Avoid Christmas Season Burnout

It’s that time of year. The Christmas party invitations are rolling in; deadlines are piling up; and everything feels like it's going at breakneck speed as the business world preps to take some much needed time off. 

If you’re lucky, you’re heading towards a decent amount of time to refresh and recharge. But getting through the silly season intact can be a challenge in itself. There are so many ways you could succumb to burnout and stress. Being mindful of the pitfalls is your best defence in the battle for beating burnout – here are five ways to avoid the silly season taking your sanity.

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Just say no  

To Christmas parties, to overcommitting, to prioritising the wrong things. The list could go on but the lesson to learn is to put yourself – and the most important things in your life – first. Of course, this isn’t carte blanche to be rude to everyone but taking the opportunity to politely decline things will pay dividends in the long run.

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Make a plan 

Know the triggers for burning out (overworking, stressful situations, competing deadlines etc) and make a plan for getting through them productively. There may be issues and events that crop up along the way but taking time to create a plan of attack will give a great headstart to staying sane.

an office worker eating lunch - avoid christmas burnout

Take regular breaks  

It may sound like a no brainer but eating and drinking at regular intervals as well as getting up from your desk, are all important parts of staying on top of the seasonal burnout.

business man wears reindeer ears - avoid burnout at christmas

Prioritise exercise and sleep

Well, as much as you can. Hyper-connectivity, lifestyle demands and the pressures of daily life can all take your energy away from getting regular exercise and proper sleep. It’s often the first victim to busyness so keeping it high on the priority list may be a challenge, but you’ll reap the rewards.

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Maintain perspective 

It’s easy to get carried away with silly season madness but try to keep a healthy perspective on it all. Take it easy, keep in mind the important priorities and stay on track with your goals.

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