5 Things Your Business Travel Manager Wishes You Knew

5 Things Your Business Travel Manager Wishes You Knew


Nobody knows more about travel than a dedicated travel manager. These industry professionals know all the ins and outs of planning and booking travel to save you time and effort. From flights at the right price to convenient accommodation, group bookings, car hire and so much more, your travel manager can connect your business to the world. 

If you’re not yet using the seamless services of a business travel manager, why not? 

Here’s the top five things a travel manager wishes you knew about their role and how they can help with your business travel needs.

Client meeting with travel manager

1. It doesn’t cost more to book with an agent than online

Many people don’t realise there’s no extra travel charges to book travel through a travel manager. The price of your actual flights is the same as advertised online, so why research and spend your valuable time comparing multiple sites when you can outsource all your business travel to a travel manager?

Business couple with suitcases walking to airport

2. If you travel in peak season, it’s going to cost more

Travelling last minute or during peak season is going to cost more than booking in advance – that’s just a fact. And sometimes, unavoidable. Using the services of a business travel manager means you benefit from their industry connections with suppliers for the best rates for hotels and airlines so you can save with flexible corporate airfares or flight deals.

Frequent flyer seated in plane

3. There’s so much you can get out of frequent flyer programs 

For instance, did you know you can use family pooling with Virgin Australia to bump up your points from your personal holiday travel? Or that there are specific loyalty schemes with Qantas and Virgin Australia that are tailored for small and medium-sized businesses? Your business travel manager is an expert in navigating the world of status credits and points and the best way to accumulate and use them for your business needs. So, go for gold (status)!


Image of Mantra Hotel at Sydney Airport - King Studio room in the day

4. There’s no one-size-fits-all hotel for business travellers

What even is a hotel for business travellers? Everyone travelling for work purposes wants something different in a hotel beyond the standard office facilities, free Wi-Fi and in-room coffee. Maybe early check-in and/or a late check-out is important to you. Or perhaps free onsite car parking if you have a hire car. Stay in a hotel that works for your company by booking with a business travel manager who knows what you want. SmartStay hotels have sites available all around the world.

Group Travel

5. If you’re booking travel for a group, stop now

Figuring out different requirements for flights, accommodation and even event facilities is a stressful job for one person, let alone booking group travel. Again, outsource the angst to a business travel manager. They can handle travel requirements from 10 to 500 people for an event, conference, whatever – and access group airfare discounts, reduced accommodation rates and ground transport. Basically, whatever you need to make your interstate or overseas meeting/conference/retreat a success.


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