10 Business Travel Items You Need In Your Life

10 Business Travel items you need in Your Life

From health and beauty products to packing and tech gadgets, arming yourself with an arsenal of business travel-related items is the secret to making your life easier. Well, aside from talking to our expert team, that is. Whether you're shopping for yourself, or the on-the-go jet setter in your life, this list will improve your travelling life.

Bose headphones are a great gift for business travellers

Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones 700, $695  

If you don’t have a pair of noise-cancelling headphones, are you even a business traveller? A must on any flight but they can be used anywhere along your travels.

A flight eye mask for business travellers gets an upgrade with a touch of silk

Slip Silk Eye Mask, $55

Take your eye mask game up a notch with silky eye pillow that will have you nodding off in a flash, whatever the altitude.

Weleda skin food is the perfect addition to a business traveller's bag

Weleda Skin Food Travel Size, $14.95

Multipurpose face, hand and body cream that’s heavy on the hydration, Skin Food is a cult product in a plane-hopping models’ arsenal. They always arrive looking fresh and alert, so there’s no reason you shouldn’t have it in travel bag too, right?

Beat the crease with a handy spray for on the go ironing

Crease Release by The Laundress, $11.35

Stop the creases in their tracks by spraying this handy solution on pre-ironing to aid with effectiveness. Or spray and go minus the iron to remove moderate creases from suitcase rumpled clothing.

Aesop's Ginger Flight therapy doubles as a perfume

Aesop Ginger Flight Therapy, $33

The zingy scent and calming attributes of ginger combine in this roll-on aromatherapy blend, which doubles as a unisex perfume. Perfect for a mid-flight pick me up or to combat a pesky bout of travel nausea.

Stay hydrated on business travel trips

Hydralyte sachets, $20.99

Staying hydrated on the flight is one of the keys to beating jet lag and Hydralyte is a great way to boost the hydrating power of your water on a flight.

every business traveller needs a reliable comb

Mason Pearson pocket comb, $29.95 

Flat and functional, the perfect carry on item for last minute touch ups pre-meeting.

Kathmandu packing cubes makes organisation easy

Kathmandu Packing cubes, from $19.98

Pack like a pro every time with these handy cubes that will help organise your bag for business and leisure trips.

Stay healthy while travelling for business with ArmaForce

BioCeuticals ArmaForce, from $29.95

Noted for its immune-boosting, lurgy-fighting properties with well-seasoned travellers of all kinds (including plenty in our office), ArmaForce packs a powerful punch in the herbal supplement stakes. Start taking a few days before you jet off to boost wellbeing and protect yourself pre-trip.

A universal travel adapter is a must for a regular business traveller

Unidapt World Travel Adaptor, $20.99

Say hello to your new travel secret weapon. Forget finding adaptors for every country you visit. This multitasker makes all your devices compatible with more than 160 countries, in one neat little package.

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