Which Type Of TMC Is Right For Your Business?

Which Type Of TMC Is Right For Your Business?

Which Type Of TMC Is Right For Your Business?


Booking travel at the moment can be quite complicated, especially when you factor in different entry requirements around the world, Covid protocols, duty of care, travel insurance (and what it will and won’t cover), new T&Cs on fares and accommodation, not to mention the management of travel credits.  


Little wonder then that more businesses are turning to travel management companies (TMCs) to help support their travellers and manage their travel programs.


Like everything in life however, TMCs come in all shapes and sizes. Some are technology focused and offer online solutions only, some provide a mix of online tools and call-centre style support and then others are omnichannel and come with a raft of integrated apps, plug-ins and online solutions. And then there’s travel providers like Flight Centre Business Travel (FCBT) that focuses on delivering a one-on-one, hyper-personal service. Each have their own advantages and benefits.


So, which do you choose?


Ultimately, says FCBT GM Cameron Harris (pictured below), you need to consider the needs of your business – and those of your travellers.

Cameron Harris

“Do you like to do things yourself or would you prefer to hand everything over to someone else to worry about?” says Cameron.

“The majority of start-ups and SMEs don’t have a dedicated travel booker on their team. Travel arrangements are tacked onto an admin function – and it can be a time consuming and stressful job for everyone involved,” says Cameron.

“Businesses need to think about what they’d prefer their people spending time on – core business activity or jobs that can cost efficiently be outsourced.”

When it comes to running an SME, there is never enough hours in the day to fit everything in – especially for business travel management. 


With this in mind, would you like to be able to:

  • Hand over the research, booking and travel management to an expert?

  • Pick up the phone and talk to one person – instead of spending hours online?

  • Send an email – with the assurance that your travel requests and changes will be instantly attended to?

  • Form a personal relationship with your travel manager, so that you know your business’s best interests – and your travellers’ preferences – are always top of mind?

  • Hand over duty of care or travel risk responsibilities with confidence?

  • Save time on financial admin, recons and reporting?

If you answered yes to any of the above, a peopled-serviced TMC is definitely the way to go.


Feel like you could do with an extra pair of hands booking business travel? 

Travel Manager consulting

“Dedicated travel managers are at the heart of FCBT’s offering,” says Cameron. “When you book with FCBT, you’ll get personal support and advice for all your needs and queries. Our travel managers will help you to work through the most basic issue to providing advice on complex itinerary, visa or transit questions.

This is the beauty of having a team of travel experts on hand for customers. They have the experience, capabilities and network to service all your travel needs, from the most current travel information to finding you the best rates and fares.”

Meeting with team in office

“Your FCBT travel manager knows your name, your business, travel policy, and your traveller preferences … whereas a digital TMC offers clients a totally different customer experience.

An online provider is all about transacting a high volume bookings with minimal human touch. In this instance everything is done online and self serviced.”

Woman Airport on Phone

For Cameron, after-hours support is also critically important. “If Covid has taught us anything, it’s that travel plans can change in an instant. But even before Covid, both international and domestic travellers had to deal with flight changes, adverse weather, strikes and disruption.

And Murphy’s law, things often go wrong after hours. Rather than a call centre, FCBT’s people-first approach means we have a dedicated, Australia-based team to handle emergencies, 24/7.”

Man checking into hotel

“Plus FCBT, being part of the Flight Centre Travel Group, has access to the very best fares and rates. Often these are exclusive, negotiated rates just for FCBT customers,” says Cameron.

“As business travel experts, we are constantly finding ways to save you money on your business trips, whether it’s about leveraging our relationships with certain airlines to reduce fares, or getting you a room upgrade at no extra cost. These savings more than cover our fees.”

Even better, FCBT will never lock you into a contract, which means you can use FCBT as and when you need to. And your dedicated Travel Manager will look after you, each and every time. It’s as simple as picking up the phone or emailing.


FCBT is all about making life easy for customers, which is why our dedicated Travel Managers plus our online resources such as FCBT’s Ready to Travel hub are all about simple, straightforward – and stress free – travel management.

Need help booking your business travel? Our Travel Managers are dedicated, experienced and knowledgeable. When you work with a Flight Centre Business Travel Manager you’re choosing peace of mind.
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