Is It Time To Ditch DIY Travel Booking For Good?

Is it time to ditch DIY travel booking for good?

There is an easier way…

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You’ve probably heard the terms ‘managed travel’ and ‘unmanaged travel’ before, especially when it comes to business travel programs. But what is the difference? And what approach is right for you?


Put simply, unmanaged or ‘do-it-yourself’ travel booking is when a traveller (or an executive assistant) books their own trips and manages their own itineraries before claiming back their travel spend. And it generally works well … when things go according to plan.


And if they don’t?


COVID highlighted just how important it is to have a travel expert in your corner. Someone who can navigate flight changes and cancellations on your behalf; manage travel credits; stay up to date on the latest entry requirements and travel regulations; and bring your travellers home quickly should the need arise. In other words, all the benefits of professionally managed travel.


Managed travel does not mean an investment in new software, processes or systems. It means a dedicated Travel Manager, a REAL person (no chats/no bots) on the other end of the line.


From tangible savings (in both time and money) to a wholly stress-free way of booking travel, here are just 5 ways a managed travel program can make a massive difference to your business:

1. Savings

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Your organisation might not have the volume of travel bookings to warrant volume discounts – but a travel management company (TMC) does. This buying power means that a TMC can negotiate fares and rates on your behalf. Often well below what you’re used to paying.
They’ll also keep a handle on all ‘unexpected’ expenses (like change/cancellation penalties, car rental fees, taxes, and visa costs) which means an end to any nasty surprises.
Are you maximising all your entitlements as an Australian SME?


2. Time

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It can take up to 37 minutes to book flights, accommodation and car hire for one trip. Which is all well and good, except most SMEs don’t have a dedicated travel booker on their team. Travel arrangements fall to executive assistants (or the individual traveller) which can prove a stressful addition to their day-to-day responsibilities. Especially when plans change.
Instead, you can make one call – or send one email – and know that everything is taken care of on your behalf.


Feel like you could do with an extra pair of hands booking business travel? Say goodbye to DIY – and hello to effortless corporate travel management.

3. Duty of Care

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Do you know where your travellers are at all times? Duty of care is more important than ever before, and traveller tracking no longer a ‘nice-to-have’.
By shifting to managed travel, you’ll be able to rely on a travel partner for traveller tracking and repatriation; personal, 24-hour support; and pre-trip advice and risk mitigation.

4. Admin and Reporting

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Another time-consuming task! Post-trip admin and reporting. Rather than chasing receipts and struggling with recons, enlist the help of your FCBT Travel Manager.
We’ll reduce the time you spend reconciling and reporting on your travel by at least 50%!

5. Ancillary Services

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Visas, transit requirements, insurance … they can all strike fear into the heart of a DIY travel booker.
Another bonus of managed travel is that your dedicated travel expert will take care of all your requirements, including lounge access, early check-in, late check-out and free Wi-Fi.

Want to find out if a TMC is right for your business? FCBT’s personalised travel management service and ‘single point of contact’ guarantee delivers the easiest and most cost-effective way to book your travel. Get in touch today to find out more! 

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