Why We Should All Take A Work-From-Home-cation

Why We Should All Take A Work-From-Home-Cation

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Innovation has always been a coveted aspiration for any SME, but now more than ever, many businesses have had to find new ways of doing business to survive in the post-pandemic climate.  Keeping people motivated is essential in shifting mindsets, and inspiring new approaches to thinking should be a high priority for any leader looking to pivot their business.

For much of the workforce in Australia, these past few months working in the new home-centric 'normal' way of life has meant we’ve all come to know our own four walls very well. And whilst studies have shown that WFH can have positive impacts on productivity, months of sitting at the same desk and looking at the same wall might be having a less than positive impact on our mental health and motivation, and could even be impacting the quality of the work that we do, particularly if we’re looking for new and creative points of view.

They say a change is as good as a holiday, so why not take a Work From Home-cation and change your literal outlook for a fresh perspective and some new motivation?  Recently, a "Work From Paradise" visa program in Barbados has grabbed attention in the media and the idea has resonated with many people around the world. Let's face it: who wouldn't want to work from a sunlounger on a Caribbean beach (drinking Pina Coladas) if given the opportunity?

But your version could be as simple as staying with some friends or family by the beach or in the countryside for just a few days away from home. Provided you’ve got the right facilities, you could literally WFH from anywhere that suits.

To get the lowdown on what ingredients make the perfect Work From Homecation, our Customer Experience manager, Marina Wood, selflessly volunteered to spend a few days working from a retreat in the Blackall Ranges up in QLD’s sunshine coast hinterland. Read her 7 top tips below!

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7 things to remember when booking your Work from Home-cation:

1. With COVID19 protocols still in place in many parts,  we need to remain mindful of social distancing and border restrictions.

2. Make sure where you are has reliable internet access, phone reception and power for your laptop.

3. Don’t over schedule your days - try to avoid zoom meetings when you're away. Instead, use the time for any independant work, especially anything that requires brainstorming, planning, critical thinking or creativity.

4. Choose somewhere with an inspiring view or fresh air. No point WFH and staring at another non-descript wall! 

5. Leave the kids and dog at home (or bring someone who can entertain them whilst you put in a few good hours of work).

6. Get permission from your manager, and let your team know that you’re working extra-remotely to help with your mental health. Partly in case they have difficulty reaching you if needed urgently, but also so they can avoid calling you unnecessarily to let you have a little more peace and quiet.

7. Come prepared with plenty of delicious provisions for sustenance while you toil away. Either pack in advance or order in. HOT TIP: some local cheese and nice bottle wine with your view is the perfect knock-off happy hour!

Or perhaps just ditch the laptop and work mobile altogether and take an ACTUAL holiday. Either way, a few days away from home will leave you feeling rejuvenated and hopefully have inspired some new ideas and energy to get you through to your next break, something we all need right now. 


Pictured above: View from Clouds Montville Retreat, QLD

If you're looking for some inspiration on where to take your Work-From-Home-Cation, check out our Travel Experts tips, including more on where to stay in the Blackall Ranges.

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