Five Of The Best Business Travel Savings Hacks

Five Of The Best Business Travel Savings Hacks

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If your company has already returned to its pre-COVID travel levels, it might be worth taking a closer look at how your business can get more value from your spend on duty travel.


Containing costs for businesses that need to travel for growth, is not necessarily about travelling less, it’s about travelling smarter. But what does travelling smarter mean?


Here’s five ways to pack more value into every business trip:

Contain costs with a travel policy
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Setting a policy helps to keep your company’s travel budget in check and outlines what you expect from travellers and travel bookers.
A policy will help to guide your staff and your Travel Management Company (TMC) on how much each person is allowed to spend on hotels, what kind of rooms are permitted and if there are any rules for preferred hotel chains. Likewise, it will also keep your airfare spend from blowing out, by providing guidance around class of travel and aspects such as ticket types (flexible fares Vs restricted fares).
Don’t have a travel policy? Talk to our team today to get one started for you!
Book in advance
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Industry studies have shown how much companies can save by booking their air travel ahead of time, particularly for international travel.
Encourage your employees to book as early as possible to take advantage of the cheapest fare types when they’re released. This is an important tip for travellers who know their plans aren’t going to change.
Additionally advance purchase reporting gives you visibility over what travel has been booked down the track, which can help you to manage cash flow.
Want to tap into all the industry benefits and SME travel advice? Contact our team today and travel smarter.
Better booking behaviour
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Ask your TMC to review your booking behaviour. This will help you to provide guidelines for staff that help them to book travel smartly. This means educating either your travellers or whoever books staff travel in your company on aspects such as:
  • Best time of day to fly for the lower price point fares
  • Best day of the week to travel to ensure cheaper fares can be booked
  • What type of airfare ticket is best suited to your style of travel
  • Which hotel is within your travel policy and closest to your office or work location
  • How far in advance you need to book to get the best airfares.
Not sure what we’re talking about by ‘booking behaviour’? Let us explain it more simply for you!
Consolidate your accommodation
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If your people are travelling to the same city regularly and like to stay in the same hotel, ask your TMC to review whether your company’s volume of nights at that hotel is enough to secure a corporate negotiated rate or discount.
Your TMC may also have corporate negotiated rates you can tap into for certain hotels and properties.
It’s all about knowing where your people are travelling to, how frequently and then providing that information to your TMC to talk to suppliers for you.
Deals and discounts
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It’s too hard for business owners, travellers or EAs to keep track of all the deals that are released daily from different airline or hotel suppliers. But, this is where your trusty TMC (or personal FCBT Travel Manager) comes in very handy!
When you work with a TMC like Flight Centre Business Travel (FCBT), our team has special platforms and communication systems that make it easy for us to see where travel deals are being released and from which supplier.
Your business and your travellers will always be the first to know if a relevant travel deal or special offer is released when you have a dedicated FCBT Travel Manager on your side.
Think your corporate travel would be better managed with help from an FCBT business travel expert? Chat to us today!
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