An FCBT Perspective: the national vaccine rollout


Cameron Harris


As a brand, Flight Centre Business Travel (FCBT) is passionate about our country and the world opening up safely again.

Australia may have been slow off the starting blocks, but with the PM’s recent announcement of vaccine targets as part of our roadmap back to some degree of ‘normality,’ (70% of Aussies fully vaccinated to move to Phase B, and then 80% for Phase C**), it’s great to see the COVID19 vaccine rollout program gathering momentum.   
Many of our team here at FCBT have had their ‘double shot’ (and we don’t just mean their daily coffee order) so we asked them to share their experiences of the process. Check them out below!
Cam & Dre Harris
Cameron Harris – FCBT General Manager 

(Pictured above & right with his wife, Andrea)

Vaccine: Pfizer @ Sydney Olympic Park 

"I found the process to be very well run by NSW health at the Vaccine Hub at Sydney Olympic Park, well set up, an easy process to follow (especially for those with their head stuck in their phone who miss their number on the screen that get a text message telling you it's your turn!) but most of all the people were amazing and doing a fantastic job getting through the volume of people in a very supportive manner."

What are you looking forward to most when all the borders open? 

"After heading to Ireland to see family and most importantly for them to meet their grandson for the first time, a tropical island with a pool, cold beverages and kids club is where I will be heading....  On a professional note, having had numerous work trips disrupted due to Sydney lockdowns, I’m looking forward to uninterrupted domestic travel to visit our people, their businesses, and our customers."

Jonathon Tas
Jonathon Tas – Business Leader, Sydney 

Vaccine: Pfizer @  St George Hospital

"I found the entire process very easy and a well-oiled machine. The nurses I had were very friendly and fun - possibly as they were the first fresh faces to interact with after a month lockdown!” 

What are you looking forward to most when all the borders open? 

"I'm keen to head straight to a country like Japan, that ticks as many boxes as possible in one hit like city, culture, food, nature, snow etcetera."

Louis Miles
Louis Miles – Travel Manager, Sydney 

Vaccine: Pfizer @ Homebush Mass Vaccination Centre 

“I found it all almost too simple in the beginning via the link! I got my jab early, while uptake was not all that popular.” 

What are you looking forward to most when all the borders open? 

'A family trip anywhere!"

Ghazal Gholam-Hossein
Ghazal Gholam-Hossein - Business Leader, Sydney

Vaccine:  Pfizer @ Royal North Shore Hospital

"I found the whole vaccination process really good. 30mins door to door for both shots."

What are you looking forward to most when all the borders open? 

Travelling of course!

Kim Hamilton
Kim Hamilton – Key Account Manager, Brisbane

Vaccine:  AstraZeneca (and under 40 years) @ her local GP 

“Getting my vaccination was easy - I went onto HotDoc, booked my vaccine in, arrived and was done and dusted within 20minutes."

What are you looking forward to most when all the borders open? 

"Being able to see family interstate, being able to make plans without them changing and then eventually, taking my kids overseas to show them the amazing cultures, people, and world we live in."

Gabi Everingham
Gabrielle Everingham – State Sales Manager VIC/TAS & WA/SA 

Vaccine:  AstraZeneca (and under 40 years) @ her local clinic

“The process was really simple. I arranged a telehealth appointment to get clearance for the AZ vaccine from my doctor and was able to book into a local clinic in my suburb for the vaccination the following week and avoided bulk vaccinations centres. I managed to get through the day without any side effects, felt a bit knocked around overnight but managed to sleep it off."

What are you looking forward to most when all the borders open? 

"I'll be going back to NSW to see my family as a priority and then as soon as I can get to Japan, I'll be heading there for a slide around the snowfields. Just really looking forward to simpler times."

Sarah Carroll
Sarah Carroll – Business Leader, Sydney

Vaccine:  Pfizer @ Royal Prince Alfred Hospital

“It was all great – a very simple process from making the appointment, all the way through to seeing the vax confirmation via MyGov. A long 2 hour wait to get the actual jab, but I've never been happier to stand in a queue before!"

What are you looking forward to most when all the borders open? 

"Heading to the airport and jumping on an overseas flight, plus seeing my family & friends!"

Marina Wood – FCBT Customer Experience Leader

Vaccine:  Pfizer Jab #1 @ Doomben Vaccination hub & #2 @ PA Hospital, Brisbane 

“I am under 40, so wasn’t eligible for immediate booking, but I registered my interest a couple of months ago via QLD health. I was offered to book via the portal – a lot of the city-based clinics were booked out, but the new hub in Doomben (and the more regional hospitals on the coasts, and logan) had plenty of availability at the time.

It was a very efficient process, and I was in and out within about 45 mins including the 15 minutes of post jab monitoring. They rebooked the 2nd Jab for me on the spot at a more convenient hospital - and it was even quicker. I was getting my jab within about 4 minutes of arriving, and just had to wait out the 15 minutes monitoring. I had no real effects afterwards, other than being pretty fatigued the day after my second jab."

Marina Wood

What are you looking forward to most when all the borders open? 

"As seems to be the case for many of my colleagues, I am desperate to reconnect in person with my overseas family and friends. And as much as I love my country and where I live, I am someone who thrives off new experiences, cultures, and environments, so I have missed this in the past 18 months. 

First priority is to see my sister in Chicago and meeting my nephew for the first time! Second will hopefully be attending several friends’ weddings - which have been postponed multiple times – in Fiji and the UK. Third will be finally taking our bucket list South American adventure which was cancelled at the last minute at the beginning of the pandemic."


* Vaccine statistics from the National Vaccine Rollout website: 

**Vaccination targets from the National Plan to transition Australia’s National COVID-19 Response (30/07/21): 

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