Accor Planet 21

Accor commits to net zero carbon emissions by 2050

Green Footprint


Accor leads the way on sustainability. The global hospitality sector accounts for around 1% of global carbon emissions. It’s for this reason, global hotel groups such as Accor are steadfastly committed to developing a new and more environmentally friendly and sustainable path forward for the accommodation sector.


For businesses keen to include more sustainable suppliers in their travel program, Accor is a prime example of a hotel group that is striving to meet ambitious environmental targets to reduce its carbon footprint. In addition, the group’s work to create a more inclusive culture for its employees along with its initiatives to support local communities go a long way in helping the travel industry achieve a new standard in sustainability. Guiding the hotel group’s sustainability journey is its Planet 21 Acting Here program.

Accor Planet 21 program – What is its purpose?

Hotel Guest

Engage guests in a sustainable accommodation experience

Every year Accor launches one major innovation that enables guests to engage with the business to support a sustainability project. Individual hotels are encouraged to run their own go green initiatives and across the group, the business is focused on reducing single-use plastic. One of its core environmental priorities is the elimination by 2022 of all guest-related single-use plastics including the single portion bathroom amenities from guest rooms (including the shampoo and conditioner bottles we all like to ‘borrow’) and eradicate all other single-use plastics from guest rooms, MICE spaces, food and beverage and other areas such as reception. 


Single use plastics

Other plastic reducing moves include:

  • Slippers: Accor convinced its supplier to change from plastic wrap to cardboard sleeves, avoiding approximately 20,000 plastic slipper bags each year.
  • Straws: Accor eradicated single use plastic straws from the business in 2018, avoiding more than 3 million plastic straws per year.
  • Pens: Accor engaged the supplier of branded pens to supply these without individual plastic wrapping, avoiding approximately 20 million individual plastic pen wraps per year.  
  • Plastic cotton buds and drink stirrers were also removed from the business in 2018.
The second key priority is to reach net zero carbon emissions by 2050. To achieve this Accor will work closely with its hotel owners and hotels, its supply chain, customers and guests. The group has committed to science based target initiatives, with targets of a 46% reduction by 2030 and to reach net-zero by 2050.


Greening Australia

Support local communities

Creating local employment opportunities, promoting local culture, protecting children from abuse and supporting local environmental projects are just a few of the objectives of Accor’s commitment to working closely with local communities.
In Australia, Accor has a 10+ year partnership with Greening Australia, in which they have funded more than 80,000 trees in plantations with a focus on reforestation and eco-system regeneration, including protection of the Great Barrier Reef. Additionally, Accor has been running its WATCH program since 2014.
WATCH stands for ‘We Act Together for Children’ and works to eradicate the sexual exploitation of children.
Business Partnerships

Co-innovate with supply partners to create new opportunities

Accor has a dedicated focus on building long-lasting and meaningful partnerships with its business and within its supply chain.
Why? Because its operational performance and business are closely linked to those of its partners, its suppliers and the hotel owners.
The group’s ethics and corporate social responsibility risk management process is deployed among 100% of its partners and the hotel group has also signed up to the UNESCO pledge and Sustainable Hospitality Alliance 2021.
Inclusive Company

To create an inclusive company for employees

Around 1.3 million people work within Accor’s global operation. The group is committed to ensuring good working conditions for its employees and that it’s respectful of human rights across all interactions with suppliers, partners and employees. The group runs ongoing initiatives across its global workplaces to create a more inclusive environment for staff.
This year, Accor donated over AUD $128m to help employees and partners that have been financially impacted by Covid-19. The group also employed more than 1700 new Indigenous employees as part of its Indigenous education program. Over 35% of Accor’s hotels have female General Managers and 75% of leadership program participants are also women.
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