Tessa Wong

What I love about my job: One of the most rewarding parts of my job, is knowing that I've helped create an amazing travel experience for my clients: whether it's putting together a dream honeymoon for a leisure customer or constructing a complex airfare to meet multiple business commitments in different destinations for a corporate client. I love being able to provide recommendations for my customers based on their travel preferences and continuing to demonstrate (in this day and age) the value of booking with a travel manager.

Top Business travel tip: Be loyal to airlines - Frequent flyer programs offer great incentives to business travellers, and the more loyal you are to an airline, the more upgrades and perks you can receive. Why not benefit personally from these business trips as well :) 

Favourite city and why? My favourite city would have to be Paris - I love everything from the architecture, to food, culture and atmosphere. The City of Light is also a central hub of travel. With an extensive network of high speed rail and internal airlines, Paris is the perfect stepping stone to access other areas of Europe/the UK.