Stephen Perry
What I love about my job: Being able to offer my expertise to companies that require their employees to travel for business. We provide the full end to end experience and can take care of everything, not just flights, from transfers to your local airport and help with visas.
We can handle everything down to smaller things like hotel rooms without Wi-Fi, a missed flight or transfer! We are well trained to make alternative travel arrangements when needed in a crisis, such as when natural disasters or pandemics disrupt your trip. As a travel manager we are able to step in when your team needs our expertise. 
Top Business travel tip: Your business may be paying for your travel, but that doesn't mean you can't benefit from it. By traveling for business, both the company and employee can collect things like airline miles, hotel rewards and potential upgrades. If you travel often, you may rack up enough rewards to get your vacation travel for free or heavily discounted. 
Favourite city and why?  Vancouver - one of the most beautiful and friendly cities I have visited. It is always voted near the top as one of the world's most liveable cities, and is famous for its outdoor recreation and adventures. With its proximity to both mountains and ocean, Vancouver offers numerous kinds of outdoor sport, adventures and some of the best seafood in the World.