Marina Wood

What I love about my job: I love reading our surveys...hearing from our customers about just how much they appreciate what we do and in particular the rapport they've developed with their dedicated Travel Managers. It gives me a lot of job satisfaction!

Top Business travel tip: I only ever take carry on luggage if I can help it, and try and sit as close to the front as possible.  The quicker I can get off, the sooner I'm in a cab and on my way to the office or home, and without having to check-in luggage or wait for it at the other end, I've saved at least 45 minutes of my own time per flight, and have no risk of my luggage being lost.

Favourite city and why? London: it has EVERYTHING! Culture, history, amazing architecture, and the restaurant & bar scene these days is next level. Plus you can take the Eurostar down to Paris for a long, champagne-filled lunch - what's not to love?!