Conor Ford

What I love about my job: I enjoy meeting people from different walks of life. I love helping people explore the world and inspiring them to visit new destinations. I love hearing my customers travel stories and adding new destinations to my ever growing bucket list. Mostly I enjoy being a part of my customers' travel dreams coming true.

Top Business travel tip: If you're travelling somewhere new for work, turn it into a 'Bleisure' trip. Extend your stay by a day or two for some downtime to explore the city and see what it's all about. So often people spend the whole trip working and never actually get to see what makes that place great. 

Favourite city and why? London - I love the variety of cultures in the city that have taken on a British twist! It's not possible to be bored in London, there is always a new pop up event, musical, underground rave or a new restaurant to try. Getting lost always leads to a completely new experience there.