Carmen Nunn

What I love about my job:  The people! The people that I work with - as colleagues, clients and suppliers - are the light in my day! It makes coming to work an absolute treat, and I really look forward to catching up with everyone. 

Top Business travel tip: Day trips are brutal - especially when you're in the destination for 8+ hours - so I really try to maintain a healthy balance of work and leisure on those day trips. Have a yummy brekky or glass of wine at the airport, relax and read a book on the plane and try not to work if its not in your working hours. It can really help you feel like you are getting your normal leisure time. 

Favourite city and why?  This is the hardest question I get asked. I have different favourites for different reasons! Seattle - such an understated, gorgeous city, and the Chihuly Gardens (under the Space Needle) are a must do. Puget Sound is a stunning backdrop for the city. Florence - the food, the history, the Duomo and THAT statue! Krakow - probably one of the most underated cities in Europe. The town square & markets are so quaint, the powerful history of Oskar Schindler and Auschwitz, the Salt Mines and.... the Vodka.